Open Evening Success

Our annual Tai Chi taster was a great success again this year, held on 21 November, there was standing room only. 
Most visitors have committed to join us in the new year for the beginners class starting 9 January 2019. They will be learning the basics of Tai Chi, Qigong and Relaxation with our experienced qualified instructors who will guide them through our step by step learning program. Find out more at Interested? or contact us at

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TCQC Co-Principal instructor Colin Orr
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Many thanks to everyone who made this year’s event such a success

Basic Tai Chi Principle 2 of 8

Basic Principles & Guidelines for Correct Tai Chi Form Movement and posture.

Relax or Sung: The entire body must always be relaxed and not collapsed.  The body should be supple without tension and the mind watchful and alert.  This is called a state of ‘Sung’ (see page 23  for the definition of sung in our blue course booklet)

Emptiness and Fullness: Distinguish between Yin and Yang (see article in our course booklet definition of Yin and Yang on pages 16 – 17.

*More details to follow in future posts