Tai Chi Qigong Centre Regional and Home Study Life Membership

There are two options to become a TCQC club member, they are:

Option 1: Regional Membership

Join the Tai Chi Qigong Centre learning program consisting of in-depth Tai Chi, Qigong & Relaxation. Classes held Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings. Find out more about Tai Chi classes.

Active members also qualify for discounts on CD’s and DVD’s and embroidered training tops

You can see these via our Tai Chi Shop

Option 2: Internet Home Study Membership special offer learning package with free stuff:

There are no annual membership fees, obligations, commitments or conditions when taking option 2. Interested in in-depth tuition a lifetime membership? Then Click Here for details.

Make new friends and enjoy learning authentic Tai Chi with The Tai Chi Qigong Centre.

Bygone members are more than welcome to come along for a refresher course, interested then Contact Us.

To find out more about our available classes. Click Here.