Welcome to the Tai Chi Qigong Centre. Principal Instructors Colin and Mitzi Orr’s love for the ancient arts mean they teach a sincere and genuine health promoting program. Over the years they have developed an easy step by step learning syllabus that gently guides the student through the learning process. The original authentic Yang Cheng-fu Tai Chi style is taught, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of revitalizing the internal energy.

Most people are familiar with the movements of the Tai Chi Form, whenever you see travelogues of China, they include images of people practicing slow, graceful movements usually early in the morning. As with Qigong these slow, external movements help to stimulate the internal organs, by promoting the flow of internal energy called Qi – pronounced Chee.

About Us

In 1994 Colin and Mitzi Orr felt there was a requirement to introduce a good quality and sincere health-promoting programme based on the practice of the internal arts of Tai Chi and Qigong, subsequently in 1995 the Tai Chi-Qigong Centre was conceived to promote Tai Chi within the Norfolk and Suffolk catchment areas and further-a-field with our worldwide Home Study & Life Membership Program.

The TCQC teaching encompasses three inseparable elements, which are: Tai Chi, Qigong and Relaxation. This combination forms the main body of the learning program; embracing the Yang Cheng-fu and Yang Lu Chan forms as its main Tai Chi foundation including the weapons disciplines, specializing in simple but dynamic Tai Chi and Qigong, developing awareness, well being, learning to relax and to breathe correctly maintaining the immune system to a natural level.

A copy of the Tai Chi Qigong Centre constitution can be provided on request by contacting us for our postal address details.

Philosophy & description of the Tai Chi Qigong Centre Identity:

The TCQC logo badge construction consists of a black and white Yin / Yang symbol: a perfect circle divided by two equal curving halves, depicting the duality and opposing aspects of nature, this symbol is overlaid by the Chinese characters from the I-Ching ‘Book of Change’ No: 1 Hexagram defined as  ‘Creative Energy’ and colored red.  The colour changes within the five  Element  Syllabus.

The Club Slogan is: ‘
Promoting a better understanding of alternative disciplines for a healthier longer life.’