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This Qigong set is also called Shibashi Qigong in Chinese, a mixture of Tai Chi and Qigong.

The DVD covers the complete set 1 of the 18 Shibashi movements in detail. Now a new revised edition. Run time 52 minutes.

The Principal Instructor - Colin Orr will guide you through this easy to follow uncomplicated set of movement, the narration is in plain language and easy to follow with additional text guidance for the hard of hearing.

To simplify learning: This DVD shows detailed views from the front, side and rear. For easy revision use the DVD main menu sequence selector.

Also included is a quick reference leaflet covering the named sequence and health benefits.

The 18 Tai Chi-Qigong Sequence:

  • 01. Open & Commence
  • 02. Opening the Chest
  • 03. Rainbow Dance
  • 04. Gather Qi & Separate the Clouds
  • 05. Changing Palms & Rolling Arms
  • 06. Rowing the Boat
  • 07. Lifting the Ball
  • 08. Turn & Gaze at the Moon
  • 09. Pushing Palms10. Wave Hands Like Clouds
  • 11. Scooping the Sea & Searching the Sky
  • 12. Closing the Door
  • 13. Swan in Flight
  • 14. Punching in Horse Stance
  • 15. Flying like Wild Geese
  • 16. Turning the Wheel
  • 17. Bouncing the Ball
  • 18. Conclusion & Close

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Customer reviews:

Hello Colin,
Many thanks for a swift delivery of your excellent DVD. Great Step by Step learning guidance with plenty of interesting information. An ideal DVD for fine tuning and warming up our Qigong and Taiji group. Thanks again with best wishes. London Taiji.

From an Occupational Therapist at a local trust hospital ....."The beauty of Tai Chi and Qigong is that it provides the benefits of relaxation, self-care, physical exercise and creativity as well as overall wellbeing and the social and fun element. It also provides a link from the ward to the outside world and could open up new opportunities for activity with patients moving on from the ward. Thank you"

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