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This Eight Strands of Silk Brocade Qigong set of movements originated 2000 years ago and is also known as Baduanjin Qigong in Chinese.

This production is ideal for all age groups; novice or experienced Tai Chi practitioner alike. Use this Qigong as a perfect warm-up prior to your Tai Chi practice or chosen sport.

A set of soft flowing postures coordinated with the breath practiced regularly will help rejuvenate your vital energy - Qi.

To simplify learning, all postures and movements are viewed from the front, side and rear.

The Principle Instructor-Colin Orr will guide you through this easy to follow uncomplicated Qigong set; the narration is in plain language and easy to follow with additional text guidance for the hard of hearing. Now a new revised edition. Run time 46 minutes.

The Eight Strands of Silk Brocade sequence:

  • 00. Open with the Inner & Outer Orbit Breath
  • 01. Two Hands Push the Sky
  • 02. Separate Heaven & Earth
  • 03. Holding the Energy Ball & Looking Behind You
  • 04. Archer Draws Bow
  • 05. Search the Horizon & the Clouds (Parts 1&2)
  • 06. Scooping Clear Water from the Stream
  • 07. Offering the Birds Egg
  • 08. Revitalizing Qi
  • 00. Close

For easy revision use the DVD main menu sequence selector.

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for the DVD's they are really great! Easy to understand and a very professional presentation. I see on your web site you have an internet training pack, when I've spent some time learning the Baduanjin and Shibashi I will join up to learn the long Yang Cheng-Fu form.

Thanks again


Huntington UK

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