Tai Chi Qigong Centre Tai Chi Classes Great Yarmouth Norfolk

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Telephone: 01493 789992

Tai Chi Qigong Centre
Principle Instructors
Colin & Mitzi Orr
Gorleston on Sea
Great Yarmouth
(Nelson's County)

A Tai Chi Qigong Centre poem:

'The Taiji Breeze'

As I perform the graceful movements of Taiji
I become one with nature.
I am part of the Earth, the flowers, the trees
but most of all I am the breeze.
My soul my body mind and heart
all are attuned, all take part.
The skies, the clouds, the sand, the sea
all become a part of me.
Wondrous moments, now I seize,
as I become the Taiji Breeze.

By Mitzi

Tai Chi Qigong Centre Tai Chi Classes Great Yarmouth Nofolk
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