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What is Yin & Yang? part one

If you’re not sure what the basic principles of Yin Yang are this five part series will point you in the right direction.

What is Yin & Yang? Part 1: A brief introduction Both Tai Chi & Qigong practice the same philosophy and principles of yin / yang. Yin and Yang are two aspects of one unity or holism; this unity is usually expressed in a diagram known as the Tai chi Symbol. The Tai Chi is usually translated as the cosmos.

Notice that the symbol is perfectly symmetrical from all angles, this superb shape symbolizes the opposing yet complementary aspect of Yin and Yang, notice also that each half has a sample of its opposite half in the shape of a small sphere. The darker half is termed Yin and its opposing half is Yang. The concept of Yin and Yang and its Tai Chi symbol are used in many other disciplines, including Chinese traditional medicine, geomancy / fengshui  and Taoist philosophy. In Chinese medicine for example Yin and Yang harmony is essential for good health, this is a concise but great principle that can manifest in countless situations in health, medicine, the physical world and the universe.

Next month Part Two  with the Tai Chi-Qigong Centre blog

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