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Relaxing Your Mind & Body – this month Correct Breathing

Club Logo 3Continued guidance towards complete relaxation, part 2 – Correct breathing from the principal instructors Colin & Mitzi Orr of Tai Chi Qigong Centre.

Most people breathe by raising and opening the chest cavity.  Many people who do conventional fitness exercises and take part in strenuous sports breathe from the chest. This is how our breathing has wrongly developed in the years since birth.  Our breathing is different at the TCQC; we want to return to the powerful deep breathing we were born with in order to enhance the power of our vital energy. Natural ‘abdominal breathing’ is centred at the lower tantien positioned approx 5cm below your navel mid way inside your abdomen.  This way of breathing is very different from the shallow quick action that is common in people who breathe only with the chest.  Breathing from the lower tantien refocuses your internal energy called Qi (pronounced Chee) this is the original centre of your body through which you were nourished before birth, this type of breathing is called abdominal breathing.

Next month part 3 continues with more about abdominal breathing. Adapted from the TCQC blue course booklet and our Relaxation CD. For further details on Tai Chi and Qigong visit www.taichi-qigong,net

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