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Relaxing Your Mind & Body part one

Club Logo 3Some guidance towards complete relaxation, from the principal instructors Colin & Mitzi Orr of Tai Chi Qigong Centre.

Standing, sitting or lying down, make yourself comfortable. Softly play your favourite piece of music in the background and gently close your eyes. You are now ready to begin your relaxation session, make sure you don’t drift off to sleep

Slow your breathing and, if you are familiar with it, utilise deep abdominal breathing, now using your minds eye to travel through your body from top to toe, completely relax every joint and sinew in your body.  Begin by relaxing your facial muscles, working down from your head to your neck, now guide your thoughts to both your shoulders then onto your upper arms, elbows, wrists, hands and fingers. Continue your slow deep breathing, now relax the front of the body and then your back. Continue down through your ribs and backbone to your pelvis and then down through your thighs and knees to your calf muscles, ankles and toes.  As your mind makes its slow journey downward, search for tension and tell that area to relax.  You can talk silently to yourself:  “Now I am reaching my left shoulder… I want it to relax… now relax … and feel the shoulder relax …  now I can move on. Continue working your way down following the route of your entire skeleton breathing slowly and deeply.
Next month part 2 continues with ‘correct breathing for complete relaxation’ adapted from the TCQC blue course booklet and our Relaxation CD. For further details on Tai Chi and Qigong visit www.taichi-qigong,net


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