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Celebration dinner

Club Logo 3A great celebration night was had by all and Colin had this to say…………….

Mitzi and I would like to thank club members that came along to Captain Manby’s restaurant to celebrate the clubs 20th anniversary. it was on 5th November 1995 the club was founded, this date was not a good choice to launch the club as my  talk was interrupted with fireworks exploding in the background, I wanted to start the club with a bang but that was ridiculous.

I didn’t think I had to compete against Guy Folks as I tried to convince four people that Tai Chi was good for them and that it really wasn’t worth following Guy’s gun powder plot club.

Since that momentous night we’ve had almost 900 plus members pass through our doors (we were told the restaurant couldn’t accommodate them all tonight).

Our faithful members have stayed with us to help form the best community Tai Chi Club in East Anglia and we thank you all for staying with us.

Mitzi and I would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all members past and present who helped to lay the foundation of the club as we know it today, and a special thanks to all the instructors who have helped to keep the club running smoothly.

I’m not a one for speeches but our slogan has never been truer today: “We can open the door but you must enter by yourself” Now please raise your classes to another successful year.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year to you all.



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