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Club LogoOne World – One Breath Global healing event on Gorleston Cliffs

The annual Worldwide Tai Chi and Qigong Day is celebrating its 16th anniversary on Saturday 25th April starting at 10am, it’s also the Tai Chi Qigong Centres’  20th year of teaching.

All are welcome to join this special event when Tai Chi is practiced round the world at the same time, skipping through time zones. Be part of this historic global event lasting 24 hours round the world. Come along and see the Tai Chi Qigong Centre celebrate this special day. Onlookers are more than welcome to join in on Gorleston Cliffs and Beach, located opposite Bridge Road, Gorleston.Meet the team and chat to the Principal Instructors Colin and Mitzi Orr. The event starts at 9.30am for 10am, look out for the Tai Chi Centre banner. To find out more visit our website at: www.taichi-qigong.net

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