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Pupdate 1 – Settling in

We recently took a trip down to the Redbridge Training School to visit the adorable Angel at a puppy class with her puppy walkers, Donna and Tom.

At puppy class Angel was so excited by everyone however when she had to practice a command or listen to the supervisor she would sit and be on her best behaviour. “She is full of character but when you say ‘No’ to her she knows not to do it,” said Tom proudly.

“We always have other pets in the house and we really think this helps. The first few nights she cried but after that she was completely settled,” explained Tom. Donna and Tom are very much up to the job; they have puppy walked an impressive ten puppies!  The lucky Angel is joining a busy, fun household including four cats and another guide dog in training ‘Bonnie’. “Angel loves to play with the cats and we often go on free runs with a qualified guide dog Bliss who lives with her guide dog owner nearby.”

Going on public transport is something Angel has been used to since the day she moved in with Tom and Donna as they explained. “She is not worried by the noises at the station, on the bus or in the car; no noises seem to bother her.” Angel is also very laid back about smells; Tom and Donna have a great relationship with the Supermarket manager in their town as they have been taking Angel in with them since she was 8 weeks old and she walks around the store not fazed by all the food scents.

Tom took Angel to see the poppies at the Tower of London in November and he said Angel behaved perfectly. Tom explained how they ended up being there longer than planned as “there was a queue of people lined up just to say hello to Angel, many of them being sponsors!” What a little star she is turning out to be! Donna has also taken Angel to a remembrance service, Cubs and shopping centers to get her used to various busy surroundings.

If you didn’t see it Angel featured on the Alan Titchmarsh show and it is definitely worth a watch, she did Guide Dogs proud. We’re all delighted by how well Angel is developing and can’t wait to hear more about her adventures in her next Pupdate in June.


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