TCQC members since 1997

Dedicated TCQC members Gladys Kitchener and Sid Brady are both long term serving club members who have notched up 20 years each just recently, we are pleased to celebrate their two decades as committed club members since 1997. Their attendance and commitment has been nothing short of excellent.


Basic Tai Chi Principle 2 of 8

Basic Principles & Guidelines for Correct Tai Chi Form Movement and posture.

Relax or Sung: The entire body must always be relaxed and not collapsed.  The body should be supple without tension and the mind watchful and alert.  This is called a state of ‘Sung’ (see page 23  for the definition of sung in our blue course booklet)

Emptiness and Fullness: Distinguish between Yin and Yang (see article in our course booklet definition of Yin and Yang on pages 16 – 17)

*More details to follow in future posts